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PREVIEWS How-to: Using a Pull-and-Hold Service at Your Local Comic Shop

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Are you in the mood for a scary story? We promise it's not too scary (sorry, horror buffs).

Imagine it's a Wednesday.

A day like any other. Except, Wednesdays aren't like any other day—they're New Comic Book Days! You excitedly head down to your favorite comic shop, fling open the door, take a look at the new comic wall (or shelf or rack) and discover—GASP—it's empty. An emptiness not unlike the feeling in your heart from not being able to read your favorite titles as soon as they're released.

However, heartache is quickly replaced by terror, as you realize it may take ages before you can get your beloved books, and during that time, the spoilers could attack at any moment. Creeping into casual conversation, lying in wait in an innocuous Tweet or Facebook post, ready to pounce with the click of a button or spring into a quick chat. The threat is imminent and you are unprepared.

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Truly the stuff nightmares are made of, but any unsuspecting reader could be this tale's victim—even YOU! Luckily, we here at PREVIEWSworld are committed to making sure your favorite comics make it into your happy little hands, so we've put together a little guide on How to Use a Pull-and-Hold Service!

"But wait—just what is this wondrous pull-and-hold service you speak of?!"

For those of you that are first time shop-goers or newly-minted comic lovers, a pull-and-hold service is a program offered by many comic shops wherein retailers can set aside and reserve the titles you want for you to pick up at your convenience. It's a fantastic way to ensure you get exactly the books you want, right when they come out (or whenever you want to grab them afterward). Best of all, setting up a pull-list (i.e. the list of titles you want held) is a snap. Just bring in a list of titles you want to reserve, let the shop know how to get in touch, and exercise a little patience (honestly, waiting is the hard part)! Soon, your books will be ready and waiting, safely tucked away in your designated box, envelope, or shelf!

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As every shop is a little different, be sure to consult with your favorite retailer to find out the specifics of their pull-and-hold-service. Pull-lists and subscriptions can help your retailer determine which titles to order for the entire store, so try and get your lists in sooner rather than later! Many shops also offer incentives for customers who regularly utilize the pull-and-hold service (such as discounts, special promotions, or variant covers available only to subscription customers), so speak with your friendly neighborhood comic retailer to learn more about how a pull-box may benefit your comic-buying habits. Be sure to also ask for your own copy of PREVIEWS to see which titles will soon be in shops and get the most out of your pull-list! And don't worry—we've got you covered on how to order from PREVIEWS too!

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